Visonic Home Alarm – For A Safe Home

When you’re buying, or having a home there are so many things that need to be considered and/or bought: furniture, home location, neighborhood, etc. However, a lot of people forget about perhaps the most important thing, a Home Alarm system. Home Alarm systems help protect you and your loved ones, and they are not a thing to be overlooked or easily purchased without careful consideration. A lot of people get tucked into a feeling of security, and they don’t even think about the possible misfortunes and unpredictable scenarios that can arise to all of us. Most of them have a low probability of happening, however, it’s always better to be safe than to lean on probabilities and personal feelings. It’s your life at stake, and no matter how good your cards are you can always lose. 



There are a lot of good, solid, and even brilliant Home Alarm systems, but my favorite is Visonic. Visonic is present in more than 100 countries from all around the world, they are a global protector. Visonic, a part of the Tyco Security Products portfolio of brands, is an international company that manufactures high-quality electronic security systems and components. They are dedicated to R&D (research & development) innovation, and they are constantly developing new security technologies. This can be seen in the fact that they have 90 registered patents, and 40 more on the way. 

One of these patents resulted in PowerG, a patent-pending revolutionary wireless technology for intrusion alarm systems. PowerG opened the doors to a new era in the alarm systems industry by redefining wireless intrusion security and reliability. 

PowerG wireless technology addresses the need of residential and commercial markets, home owners, installers and central stations alike. 

PowerG wireless technology provides:

· Wireless alarm system with strength and reliability close to wired systems

· Energy-saving – It’s eco-friendly

· Fast and easy installations that save money and time

· If you’re a business owner, and you’re expanding your business, you will end up with large premises and new applications

This new groundbreaking technology enables high-quality security to homes, businesses, and everybody else. Visonic had done it yet again.

PowerMaster 10 G2

The PowerMaster 10 is a compact wireless Home Alarm system that provides high-quality security. The PowerMaster 10 delivers superior range, long battery life, and unmatched wireless robustness. The system has uninterrupted transmission, and successfully overcomes all interferences, collisions, and jamming. 

PowerMaster 10 G2 Features:

· Has the strength and reliability of the wired systems

· Saves energy and eco-friendly

· Fast and easy installations

· Two-way communication that ensures that there are no lost alarms

· Transmission range is far greater than the industry standard 

· Repeater-free installations even in large premises

· Battery life between 4-8 years

· All devices are configured from the panel which means that there are no hardware switches and no need to re-open the peripherals once they are closed

· It has a visible signal quality indication that enables the installer to choose the optimal location without having to walk to the panel during mounting

· Customized configuration templates enable a collective configuration of the devices instead of individually

· Diagnostic tool indicates RF link quality based on the last 24 hours of statistics, immediately displaying problems and enabling installation verification

· Communication is protected with AES-128 encryption algorithm, this protects against sophisticated intruders, “code grabbing”, and message substitution

· Available in various languages

· Powerful tools for central monitoring stations (remote control of all peripherals, remote walk tests and measurements of link quality)

· Up to 50 frequency channels using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology. This overcomes interference to wireless communication

home alarm system powermaster

· TDMA synchronized communication technology eliminates Link Message collisions

· Devices’ routes to the control panel are dynamically optimized using available repeaters according to changes in the environment

· 30 wireless zones

· 8 user codes

· 12 or 24 hour back-up battery, just in case

· A single wired zone

· Built-in PSTN dialer

· Remote software updates

I know some of you may be unfamiliar with what this all means, and so was I before some intensive studying of the system. The PowerMaster has an easy installation process, and it can be configured on-site and remote. The system comes with a powerful toolset and on-site RF diagnostic tools. Click here for more information on Powermaster

This wireless Home Alarm system saves energy and supports the environment. The transmission power mechanism allows for quick adaptation to all kinds of different situations, and every device in the network is measuring the quality of communication. The battery life has a long lifetime of 4 to 8 years, and the devices has minimized transmission that makes the air cleaner.  

The PowerG alarm system can handle a high amount of bandwith, allowing the network to transmit a lot of data within a short time. It has all the strength and reliability of the wired Home Alarm systems. As it is a wireless alarm system there are no cables, thus, it is aesthetical.

The broad set of peripherals helps to meet all of the security and safety needs of any customer. Another great feature of PowerMaster is AlarmView, a security service that includes arming and disarming, controlling home appliances, reviewing system status, initiating a guard response, and panic and fire alarms. The AlarmView also enables users to operate from their smartphones. PowerMaster 10 G2 also has remote software updates, for constant improvement. 

PowerMaster 33 G2


PowerMaster 33 G2 is a distributed wireless security, safety and control system. The PowerMaster 33 G2 is suitable for SME usage and residential customers who want a concealed alarm system. The system provides exceptional wireless functionality with all peripherals. 

The PowerMaster 33 G2 utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, and a full two-way synchronized TDMA wireless network for streamlined communication and improved channel efficiency. The system has a wide transmission range of 2,000 m (6,500 ft) line of sight, and it can cover significantly larger premises than traditional systems. 

PowerMaster 33 G2 Features:

· Has the strength and reliability of the wired systems

· Saves energy and eco-friendly

· Fast and easy installations

· Distributed panel that can be installed out of sight (controlled by wireless devices)

· Accommodates more than 120 wireless devices up to 64 zones, 10 KP-250 PG2 keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens, 4 repeaters

· 48 user codes

· Supports partitions

· Up to 48 hour back-up battery

· Optional GSM/GPRS/IP modules

· A wide range of PowerG peripherals for every application

· All device are configured from the wireless keypad

· SirenNet that leverages smoke detector buzzers for all alarms

· Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications

· Communication is protected by the AES-128 encryption algorithm that protects against sophisticated intruders, “code grabbing”, and message substitution

· Remote software updates



Life can be quite unpredictable sometimes, one day you can have it all and tomorrow it could be gone. Therefore, do your best to guard the things you have and Visonic PowerMaster Home Alarm systems can keep you safe while you enjoy life. To stay updated on alarms, follow Huslarmen on Twitter or YouTube Stay safe.