Top Secrets about WhiteAway

Choosing home appliances can be very challenging, because homeowners should ensure that they are not only durable, but also meet their needs and budget. Fortunately, WhiteAway has them all. WhiteAway remains as one of the best selling home appliances, thanks to its excellent quality and superb design. The sales has reached more than $1 billion worldwide, only five years after its founders sold the company shares at the end of 2010. In Denmark, WhiteAway still maintains its popularity as the best home appliances retailer with the cheapest prices.

The unique feature of this retailer is the white color of all appliances. Everyone agrees that home appliances in white can enhance the look of any room. Imagine when a kitchen is filled with white microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and also dishwasher. They don’t only look elegant, but they can deliver such a fresh and clean look. What’s more, they ensure high durability because they are mostly from popular brands like Philips, Kenwood, LG, Bosch, Electrolux, Zanussi, and the list is endless.

Many people are questioning why they have to buy from WhiteAway if they can find popular brands of home appliances at other home appliances retailers online. The answer is very simple, in which this online store ensures competitive prices for the latest home appliances, with free shipping cost.

There are several other reasons, why visiting regularly can deliver lots of benefits for buyers. First, this website always provides special deals for the best selling home appliances, everyday. Second, buyers don’t have to worry with the installation process of the newly bought appliances, because all the friendly journeymen are always ready to help. Third, buyers don’t have to worry about their used appliances disposal, as the journeymen can help them.

Excellent Reputation through Years of Establishment

It has been more than a decade, since this company was established in 2003. When it was launched at the first time, buyers only had limited options of home appliances, in which there were only home appliances manufacturers from Denmark. Now, buyers can choose their desired products like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, and other high technology home appliances from the USA.

Gone are the days when Danish should have paid high for home appliances from reputable brands. Now, buying various kinds of appliances in very affordable prices is as simple as clicking the mouse button. WhiteAway ensures 100% money-back guarantee for buyers’ total satisfaction.

Round-The-Clock Service

WhiteAway understands that quality customer service is as important as the products that it sells. This is why, buyers can count on its 24/7 customer service, whenever they need some help, suggestion or advice through live chat, email or phone. Most of the time, buyers need some guidance before buying their desired home appliances, that suit their needs and budget. All the friendly staff of WhiteAway is fully knowledgeable about all products, so they are ready with the most dependable tips or tricks for all clients, without any exception.

Honest Reviews

Without doubt, buyers’ reviews are the most trustworthy advertisement. There are reviews from buyers which claim their satisfaction after buying home appliances from This is the main evidence that WhiteAway is trustworthy in products quality and service.