Digital Marketing is the New Black

3.5 billion. That is almost twice the number of Facebook users across the globe and roughly the same number of Google searches per day. 3.5 billion is nearly half of the world’s population. Consequently, that is the number of internet users worldwide.

When businesses, whether small, mid-size, or big, decide to invest their resources in digital marketing, they are targeting a huge chunk of the proverbial pie that everybody wants to partake. Today, this isn’t a new practice, as companies such as Lundseo Digital Marknadsföring are beginning to realize the importance of digital marketing in generating more income for their business. Digital Marketing is the new black.

In fact, this year, the amount of digital ad spend by the US Retail Industry alone reached a whopping $16 billion. The figure speaks for itself. In a world where almost everybody is connected to the internet, allocating a substantial amount of your company’s budget for digital marketing makes absolute sense.

Digital marketing involves different tools and techniques in order to achieve maximal results. Here are a few examples:

Content Marketing

This can be presented in different ways, either through captivating blog posts, images, vlogs, infographics, white papers, news, forums, or podcasts. This digital marketing tool is an effective way to engage the viewers and readers in your platforms and leave them interested in more information about your brand. A good content- one that is influential, unique, and shareable will establish a good reputation for your brand or business.

Mobile Marketing

With almost 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, having a website that can be accessed easily through mobile is a big opportunity for your business to expand its market reach.

Mobile marketing is not, however, limited to just having a mobile-friendly website. It also encompasses mobile apps that should be easily accessible to phones and tablets.

Search Engine Marketing

This is an extensive digital marketing technique that aims to drive traffic to a website mainly through paid efforts, which is why it is also referred to as Paid Search Marketing. The most popular examples are Google AdWords on Google Network and Bing Ads on Yahoo Network.

Social Media Marketing

This is a spin-off to Search Engine Marketing. It’s goal is also to drive traffic to a business website but through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and so much more.

The key to an effective social media marketing campaign is to engage with your viewers or readers on a regular basis.

Email Marketing

Are you familiar with those emails that often go directly to the spam folders and sometimes never even see the light of day? It is part of email marketing. This is a strategy in which businesses send commercial messages to their potential clients’ email in order to inform them about their product or service, existing discounts and promos, and new stock arrivals.

Not all emails from this digital marketing technique, however, goes to waste, as some companies do it in a more personalized approach. Several effective email marketing campaigns segregate its demographics based on their spending habits, age, and gender in order to tailor-fit a message that would interest their market. This also helps develop trust.

Web Analytics

This is probably the most important digital marketing tool. Web Analytics allows you to strategise business moves based on the data it presents to you. It helps you collect data, analyze the given information, and predict the potential web activities for your business based on its analysis. Needless to say, Web Analytics is essential for any business in order to have a good grasp of the essential information you need to know.



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